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Expert & Professional Driving Lessons in Townsville

Be a confident driver with the right training. Drive safely with Townsville Driving School!

We provide a fun yet constructive driving lessons and driving test preparations at an affordable rate.

In most cases, accidents on the road happen because of impaired driving. The freedom to take control of the wheel is a privilege that should only be given to those who can safely navigate the road and prevent accidents. Townsville Driving School strives to produce drivers who can drive safely and responsibly. 

Our team comprises expert instructors whom each has years of experience in the driving industry. They are trained drivers with techniques to help become a better driver. Our instructors will guide their students in a non-stressful way, which can easily be understood. They can handle students of different skill levels too. 

Townsville Driving School’s training curriculum has been carefully designed to give students the best chance at passing their test. We tailor our driving lessons to accommodate the students’ needs and skillsets. Our topics cover an extensive range of topics, from the basics of driving to a comprehensive introduction to traffic laws. Our driving teachers will ensure you are equipped with all the technical skills upon your graduation and have the confidence to take the road yourself. 

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Accredited & Certified Instructors

All our instructors and trainers possess all the necessary certifications and passed all accreditation requirements. All are experienced in teaching too!

Personalized Curriculum

We adjust our curriculum based on our students' capabilities. We understand that different people learn differently at different levels.

Low & Affordable Tuition

We aim to provide the lowest and most affordable tuition rates in all Toowoomba. We believe that everyone deserves quality education.

Learn Stress-Free and Drive Safely with Townsville Driving School

With our training, you will graduate with confident driving skills, ready to take on the world!

We have been training new learners for more than ten years. Our curriculum is designed for a stress-free learning experience that focuses on the most important topics that you need to learn to drive a vehicle properly. We offer expert lessons and work on refining your driving skills, such as:

  • Manoeuvring into tight parking spots
  • Night and freeway driving
  • Hook turns
  • Merging lanes

If there are particular skills that you find challenging, our instructors will help you overcome these barriers. They will provide unique and innovative teaching strategies to help you cope with the topic even faster. We do this because we strive to produce responsible drivers.

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More about Townsville Driving School

We train responsible drivers through our innovative and stress-free curriculum.

At Townsville Driving School, our mission is to train aspiring drivers to pass their driving test the first time. We teach them safe driving techniques so they become responsible drivers on the road. Our curriculum is designed to be easy to understand and stress-free. Our instructors have the relevant certifications and licenses required to teach students at all driving levels, whether they’re entirely new or preparing for their test. For more than ten years, we have produced responsible drivers and have built a community that fosters passion and positivity. Join our community today!

Do you want driving lessons that you can enjoy?

Enrol with us today to be part of our growing community of trained to be responsible drivers. Jumpstart your journey to get your much-coveted driver’s license.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on your skill level. Some learners are confident enough to take the test after only 1 or 2 driving lessons, while others require much more.

Yes. Your driving teacher can sit with you during the test to ensure that the scoring process is impartial. However, he/she is not allowed to talk to you or guide you as you take the test.

The test will take place on a public road where you perform typical driving tasks such as changing lanes, reverse parking and performing 3-point turns. Each driving test is different, but they all cover the fundamentals of driving. You will be evaluated for your ability to maneuver the vehicle in a busy area. Additionally, you will also be tested on your ability to assess the speed and distance of approaching cars and identify road signs, sensors, signals, and other vehicles’ indicators on the road. Finally, the tester will evaluate your skill to operate the car on top of keeping the law and safety procedures.

To perform the test, you must bring your learner’s permit, logbook (if you are below 21 years old and hazard test results along with your appointment papers.

Through our driving lessons, you will learn:

  • To control/operate the car
  • All traffic regulations
  • To develop your observation and judgment skills

You will also learn to drive the car safely & confidently and pass the driving test the first time.